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Assisting individuals with achieving their business and financial goals and dreams.


We're Here For You

The mission of Chayil Inc. is to embrace, encourage, and empower women to be who they were created to be, whole and virtuous. We believe this philosophy extends to all individuals. We help individuals be resilient and overcome adversity while they work on achieving their life, career, and financial goals and dreams. We provide training, workshops, coaching, and resources that create awareness in the areas of life skills, professional development, and financial literacy.

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Career Coaching

Our Gemstones

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About Us

Chayil Inc. pronounced khah'-yil in Hebrew, which means strength and virtue.


We have been lifting women and others in underserved communities for over a decade and supporting their success. We help our clients find value in themselves as well as find purpose in their careers, ultimately becoming the embodiment of the Chayil Inc. mission.

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Join our membership program to start working with our coach and consultant. Sign up today to make your dreams of being a successful business owner come true. Start experiencing our Gemstones as a member of Chayil Inc. today. 


"Chayil’s vision of helping women and other adults to live healthy lives and become empowered with who they are and what their minds can offer is needed, which I have seen firsthand in our community of the greater Milwaukee area."



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