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Chayil Corporation, pronounced khah'-yil in Hebrew means strength and virtue. For over a decade, Chayil Corporation has been a supporter of the success of women by encouraging them to be who they were created to be which is, whole and virtuous. Chayil's mission is to support women in every aspect of their lives by providing resources and assistance with life skills, professional development, job placement, and financial literacy.



Chayil Corporation


Embrace . Encourage . Empower


The mission of Chayil Corporation is to embrace, encourage, and empowerwomen to be who they were created to be, whole and virtuous. We help women with being resilient and overcoming adversity while they work on achieving theirlife, career, and financial goals and dreams. We provide training, workshops,coaching, and resources that create awareness in the areas of life skills, professional development, and financial literacy.


Four Strategic Company Objectives:


Lyfe Stylez Program - Provides life coaching, and assistance with overcoming those underlying barriers to employment that women have. This program mentors women and serves as a resource andsupport for women struggling with low self esteem, homelessness,abusive relationships, lack of income, financial burdens, and more.


Community Career Connections – Provide career coaching, andassistance with professional development, transferable skills,resume writing, interviewing, employment resources, and more.Community Career Connections has an online job board and we serve as the liaison between employers and job seekers.


Finance Café – Serves as a resource and education center forwomen. We partner with various banks, insurance companies,lenders, real estate agents, investment brokers, tax professionals,and attorneys to provide free and discounted workshops, programs and services. We offer a debt elimination CD and workbook that assists women with debt management and credit repair.


SWATS (Strong Women Aiming Toward Success) Magazine -SWATS is the voice of Chayil Corporation, we create awareness and address issues that pertain to women that impact their lives; fashion, travel, spirituality, stress management, parenting, education,politics, career, business, finance, money, and so much more!


History of Chayil Corporation:


The company was established in 2000 under its former name Virtuous Woman Incorporated. In Hebrew Chayil means Strength and Virtue and our company’score values and beliefs are derived from Christian principles. Our commitment to the community is to continue providing resources and support to women that will ultimately changed their lives, making them more aware and able to live healthy and significant lives while achieving their careergoals and becoming financially savvy.

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