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The Balance

Being a business owner is what lots of people desire for their life until they realize the struggle is real and not easy.

Living has created a need for a flow of monetary gain, and not many people have the consistency of money flowing though out their household. Creating a place of comfort and stability for a family is necessary, and nowadays, it takes more than a one parent's income to maintain at that level. Usually, working a full-time job is the goal, but now there are more single mothers and fathers existing and trying to hold it together alone.

As a single mother, I have had multiple income streams. Having more than one job, driving for share ride apps, delivering hot and cold foods with the food and grocery apps, and creating your own private income using your natural gifts and talents are all ways of having multiple income streams. Utilizing any of these tools will create a door for you to become a business owner, whether you desire it or not. You can monitor your own time and create a tier of income you desire by picking it up and putting it down as you, please.

Balancing life is a challenge to accomplish when being a multitasking single parent. Trying to be present for the 9-5 work schedule, kids recreational activities, and trying to hold down another income is where the challenge gets more challenging. How do we maintain a level of peace while parenting active children and being active in the workforce, business, and parenting?

We take baby steps.

1. Try not to do everything in one day

Do one thing at a time, and don't move on before your finished with that one thing. Getting distracted is easy; set a timer and commit to finishing what you start.

2. Set a schedule for yourself and the kids

Create a plan to tackle your daily routines for each household member. Use a calendar visual or virtual and set alarms to ensure you are going about the day on time. Set dates and days aside for major appointments to be made or attended, such as medical, meetings, hangouts, and parties.

3. Create a list of things to do for each of you

Make sure the task or things to do are set aside with dates and reminders. Give them attention by emailing or setting alarms to accomplish the task on time.

4. Give the children some responsibility

Children can learn responsibility as long as they are old enough to use their memory muscles. There are levels to learning as a toddler. They can learn at the lowest level by teaching them to pick up after themselves or holding a spoon to feed themselves. Getting older requires higher responsibilities, and that's how you take some of the pressure off yourself.

5. Remember a self-care day is needed once a week

Self-care is the most important thing to a human. Because we are human, we discover hardships along this life journey that leads to depression, anxiety, and major health issues derived from stress and bad relationships. We need the knowledge of how to self-care to be able to handle these things. Therapy, traveling, exercising, massages, hangouts, mani/Pedi, and more are all ways to practice self-care. Having a healthy state of mind is needed in the world of balancing life and business. Protect your mental and physical health for you, your kids, and business.


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